How to Easily Get Rid of Cigarette & Other Gross Odors

(Tuesday, January 29th, 2019) - New Odor Removing Technology May Be The Solution to Lingering Smell From Third-Hand Smoke

Have you heard of THS?

It's a newly discovered residual toxin from smoking that experts believe to be the cause of lingering cigarette smells.

One woman, who was sick of her house and car constantly reeking of stale cigarette odors went on a mission to find a way to get rid of the smell once and for all.

Here's Stella's Story...

So I recently moved into a new apartment in downtown LA

When I had checked out the apartment initially it had smelled like cigarettes, but I figured it would be gone by the time I moved in

And let me tell you I WAS WRONG

Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against cigarette’s

I smoke them myself pretty often (and even some green stuff occasionally)

But I don't want my apartment smelling like it all the time

Dirty, stale cigarette smoke isn’t exactly the most appealing smell in the world

And yeah maybe I would become noseblind to it eventually, but I can guarantee that anyone I invite over is not going to have a fun time with that

Especially if they don’t smoke

My friend was over the other day and immediately asked me “what’s that weird smell” when she walked in

It got to the point where I was so embarrassed by it that I didn’t want to invite people over

I mean I really should be able to smoke in my apartment without caring

But having a gross smelling home to other people just isn’t fun – no matter what you “should” be able to do

I was blown away that the smell was still there because I don’t smoke up a storm in there

Maybe once a day or a few times max in the house

So I started doing some research and ran into something called “third-hand smoke”

I’d heard of second-hand smoke but third-hand smoke? What in the hell is that?

After doing some more research I found out some really crazy things about it...

You know how you clear out a room from cigarette smoke, even leave the window open for hours or days but the cigarette smell just will not disappear?

That’s because of third-hand smoke.

You see when the initial smoke disappears (Second-hand smoke) there’s still a residual toxin, THS, a noxious mix of gases and small particles that remain in the air for hours after a cigarette is smoked, and fall onto every surface they come into contact with.

So not only was it stinking up a storm, but third-hand smoke was slowly hurting me, my pets and anyone else who comes into our house!

That’s why it smelled so bad – because the previous owners had smoked so much and the THS had built up.

I went on a mission to try to figure out how to get it out and the results were not pleasant...

Turns out it’s extremely difficult to get this out of walls and fabrics that are all over our cars, couches, carpets, etc.

The only real solution was something called ozone treatment - too bad it costs over $600.

That was way out of the question.

In the meantime, I was trying every trick in the book to get the smell out of the house.

I tried baking soda, power washing it, air fresheners, nothing was working!

When I was at walmart in the cleaning supplies section looking for some magical solution I started chatting up with a biologist named Susan.

It came up that I was trying to get rid of the cigarette odors/third-hand smoke and Susan told me she used to have the exact same problem.

Apparently Susan used to be a smoker!

“I know exactly how you and your husband feel, as much as I used to enjoy cigarettes, the smell is a bit unbearable.”

“I was so embarrassed when people would come over and it looked like they were trying not to breathe through their nose it smelled so bad”

She told me her “Secret trick” to getting rid of it - Nature Fresh Bamboo Charcoal Bags.

“The bamboo charcoal contains millions of little pores that act as a sort of magnetic sponge for odors, bacteria and moisture.”

So not only does the bamboo charcoal grab all bad odors out of the air, but it also sucks out the toxins from third-hand smoke!

“All you need to do is place 1 bag in your car or every small room and recharge them once a month by putting them out in the sun then they should take care of your smell problems for up to 2 years.”

"You can honestly use these anywhere, I even have them for my laundry room, bathroom and car.”

I thanked Susan and was debating on whether or not I should try these bags...

That’s when I remembered we had a dinner party coming up and the last thing I needed was extra stress of how my house smells on top of everything else.

I decided to try these bags since they had a money-back guarantee if it didn’t work (which I would definitely need if they didn’t work).

I got a few and placed 1 in the car, and a few around the house in our kitchen, living room, bathroom and laundry room.

The next morning I walked into my car and took a big whiff - to my utter shock the smell was completely gone!

I couldn’t believe it, they worked so well!

My apartment finally smelled clean for once...

The crazy thing is, I smoked a good amount in there even after I got the bags!

And I’m especially happy to say goodbye to third-hand smoke.

Since their debut, Bamboo Charcoal Bags have been in a state of constant flux, shifting between IN STOCK to SOLD OUT nearly every other week, and it’s also amassed tons of loyal followers!

Our recommendation based off extensive research, Stella's story and our own internal tests, we think that the Bamboo Charcoal Bags are the easiest, fastest and most cost-efficient way to get rid of cigarette smells as well as any other bad odors you can think of!



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How Do The Charcoal Bags Work?

The Bamboo Charcoal Bags contains millions of tiny little pores that can attract and absorb everything out of the air like a magnetic sponge.

So it doesn’t just work for odors, but for bacteria, chemicals, moisture and many other elements that cause allergies.

And unlike artificial fragrances, it doesn’t leave places like the bathroom smelling of a truly awful combination of flowers and a #2.

All you have to do is place the Bamboo Charcoal Bag in a room or on a surface and it will start absorbing all the bad odors in a 90 sq foot radius. Plus it will last up to 2 years as long as you put them out in the sun to recharge once a month

With over 8,000,000 of these bags sold in the last year alone, we wanted to test them out ourselves

Test 1 – The Shoe Rack: We started with what might be one of my least favorite smells, the shoe rack. Sure enough, I came back a couple hours later and did something risky.I took a big whiff next to the shoe rack and to my utter surprise, I didn’t smell a thing.

Test 2 – The Laundry Room: Usually it reeks of sweaty gym clothes in my laundry room but I went in and took another big whiff. Again – nothing!! I was blown away but wanted to step it up again

Test 3 – The Pee Pad: I went next to my Mila’s pee pad (my Maltese). A notorious spot to avoid in our house. So I dropped one next to it and later that night went to go see how it was working. Unreal. Nothing there. I even sent my husband (who was quite reluctant) and he was just as astounded and happy as I was about it.

To say we’re fans of the Charcoal Bags is an understatement. It's one of the few options that not only work better than air freshener's, but don't belong to a company who doesn't care about it's customer's well-being - and then lying about it!

We highly recommend that everyone get some sort of natural odor remover, and if you decide to go with the Charcoal Bags then know you’re covered by a full 90-day money back guarantee. So if you don’t love it for some reason, just return it!

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Customer Reviews

These are amazing! I begged my husband to stop smoking in the car for years but he was too stubborn! Once he finally stopped, the damage was already done. I decided to deal with it myself and I am so thankful I found these!

Jessie Winters
Sioux, SD

I have these all around my house. In our bathroom, kitchen, in the garage to the trash cans. Living with 6 guys, it's made our home feel (and smell) 10x more clean than before.

Jordan Feilman
Dallas, TX

Love it! I didn't think I would ever be able to sell my car. A salesman told me it was a lost cause with how bad it smelled...I ended up getting a lot more than I expected for it!"

Sarah Walters
Palm Beach, FL

I actually use these for my allergies! I was getting them real bad for the last few months so we decided to try them and it really did the trick for me, thanks guys :)

Laura Gerber
Buffalo, NY


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